Fall enrollment up at AC

Fall enrollment up at AC

20-year-old Zoie Wauer is studying at Amarillo College to be teacher's assistant to help children with disabilities. She looked at other colleges but she says AC was the right fit for her.

"The other colleges did not have the help that I needed so that's why I choose Amarillo College," said Wauer. "The teachers and the tutors are great here."

Her choice, along with hundreds of others, is the reason Amarillo College's enrollment is up.

"This fall enrollment is over 10,000 students, which is good news for us," said Vice President of Student Affairs, Bob Austin. "To be over 10,000 is important to us, it kind of a benchmark for us."

In 2010, the college was at it's peak of over 11,000 students one semester. Since then, there was a steady, slight drop for each semester over the past five years.

Austin says it can be difficult to attract students, but administrators tried something new this Fall that may be the reason behind the increase.

"Almost 50% of our classes are being offered in an 8 week format, and that's really unique," said Austin. "We piloted last Spring and the results were favorable. We think that makes a difference and people are responding to that."

And another number that's up -- the college has become more diverse.

"It's good for the entire community, the demographics in our community are changing and one of the things we think is important for the college is that the college represents the community," said Austin.

Overall, it looks like Amarillo College is in a good spot this Fall  -- something they hope continues.

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