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Racism defined differently among dominant demographic

NewsChannel 10 is inviting you to take part in a focus group aimed that is measuring tensions felt between the Amarillo community and the city police department. For the new few weeks, Perspective will explore this topic in depth and publish our findings from the discussions every Tuesday.

Last week, we took a different approach by interviewing a group of white or Anglo citizens. I'll summarize the pulse and sentiments that were expressed as I asked about fear or tension that may or may not exist between people of different races in Amarillo. 

In this conversation the group said there was a racism issue in Amarillo, but they defined it differently:

"Racism exists, it looks more like differences."

"Our young are innocent, but we teach them to stereotype."

"When you know someone, it changes your tolerance and acceptance." 

"It is easy to stay in our own bubble." 

"I want to think it is better than the past."

"Racism exists, in our town and it is taught because of fear on all sides."

"We can't walk in each other's shoes, so this is a tough question."

"Fear exists when you are not part of the Dominant culture." 

"Good people and bad people exist in any color."

"When people become like-minded on anything, color goes away."

Similar to our group of minorities, the Perspective became centered on "Respect" and how it needs to improve on all sides. Respecting differences and putting our past stereotypes behind us seems to be a natural conclusion from both groups. 

NewsChannel 10 and West Texas A&M have worked together to place an interactive poll on NewsChannel10.com. This will give you a chance to tell us your thoughts on this matter. 

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We want your Perspective as we will continue this conversation over the next few weeks.

Perspective is a weekly feature presented by NewsChannel 10 Vice President/General Manager Brent McClure. Have something you'd like to share? Send your perspective to perspective@newschannel10.com.

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