Borger woman battles illness after stomach surgery

Borger woman battles illness after stomach surgery

BORGER, TX (KFDA) - With a wife that loves her, and three beautiful, kids who adore her, Kaela Jouett lived the good life.

Jouett and her wife were in a good place and wanted to continue to see their family grow.

"I simply wanted to have another baby and I needed to be healthy to that," Jouett said.

On Jan. 25 2015, she decided to have gastric bypass surgery to bring her down to a healthy size but the surgery caused more problems than solutions.

Jouett stated, "We went home and that night being rushed back to the hospital."

After the surgery Jouett went from bad to worse, and in the past year-and-a-half she has been in and out of hospitals due to her organs failing her, but doctors could not tell her why.

"It ruined my intestines and at some point, my colon had shut down," Jouett said. "I have liver failure but my kidneys have made it somehow."
This experience brought Jouett pain, depression and stress on her family. But wife Suzanne Shirly said that she promised her, at the alter, that she will be there in sickness and in health.

"It's a love like I never felt in my life and i will never attempt to abandon her."

Jouett was later informed that she doesn't have long to live. She has accepted that, and will live the time that she has left with the love of her life and their three kids.

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