Amarillo Teen and Airhogs Team Up

Amarillo Teen and Airhogs Team Up


Today 19-year-old Justin Williamson performed the national anthem at potter memorial stadium. He also teamed up with the Amarillo Airhogs in raising money and also giving a percentage of the proceeds from Saturdays game will go to the MEND program which helps bring awareness to childhood obesity.

"They just help kids who are overweight and families get resources and then to become healthier and get the help they need,
said Justin.  

Justin, who promotes MEND said that he knows what it is like to be a child who is overweight because he has gone from 680 pound to 450 pounds. He said that he stills has a long way to go but he wants to do his part in helping other kids to fight childhood obesity.

"For me I wanted to help myself and other kids like me. I know what it
s like to be bullied, I know what its like to struggle and not have any hope in the world."

Justin said that he wouldn
t have made it this far without his mom. It was her fear for his health that gave him a wake up call.

" I was scared that I  would walk in his room and he wouldnt be breathing, I was all the time."

Justin said he will continue to live a healthy life and inspire others through his music and his heart.