Donation boxes in Amarillo becoming targets of thieves

Donation boxes in Amarillo becoming targets of thieves

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Clothing intended for those in need is ending up in the hands of thieves.

American Recyclers is a company that collects items for profit, then gives that profit to needy organizations. But some people around Amarillo have proven charity means nothing to them.

You've likely seen them around town. The boxes allow for people to donate clothing and shoes by simply opening the box and putting them in. Unfortunately taking out is just as simple.

And photos have been captured showing people stealing from them.

"We had received a phone call that someone was seen stealing out of the bin and they gave us some information and we notified the police and passed that information on," says Regional Sales Manager Elizabeth Morris. "Nothing really materialized out of that."

What is most concerning for the company is that stealing is taking away from the funds they donate. Much of the money raised from the items is given to Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.

"We sponsor Cal Farley's and we sponsor them based on what comes from those bins and if people are taking and taking and taking from those bins, then that's less and less that we can give to Cal Farley's boys ranch, so they're hurting their organization if they're stealing for profit out of our bins," says Morris.

But what about people who are in need taking from the bins? American Recyclers' stance changes quite a bit.

"We do feel that if they are in need, then they are more than welcomed to take from our bin. The only thing is we have to make sure that it's regulated so that a homeless person doesn't decide to make home in the bin or become a problem at that bin for the community people around it," says Morris.

Morris tells us they have also had to deal with people in our area cutting the locks to steal the contents of the boxes.  And though they have multiple battles to take on, the organization will continue giving back.

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