Amarillo Fire Department well-prepared to assist with water rescues

Amarillo Fire Department well-prepared to assist with water rescues

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Amarillo Fire Department is on high alert, as there is still more rain in the forecast.

If you've been out on Amarillo roads, you know it's far from dry. Though the department did not get called out as much as during rains last year, they are well prepared...especially with more on the way.

Heavy rain continues to spark flooding concerns throughout the city of Amarillo, leaving underpasses filled with water and roads flooded.

But the Amarillo Fire Department tells us, they have yet to be called out to a water rescue, although they are anticipating more action as the rain continues.

"We even actually have a team at station 13 and that's their specialty is rescue and those guys train at least annually on water rescues, so we try to stay up on it and we try to be prepared for this stuff," says AFD Captain Larry Davis.

The Department saw one of their busiest rescue seasons last year with the record rainfall. Davis says the majority of the time they arrive on scene and the victim has self-rescued, but that does not make it any less dangerous.

While it seems like common sense to many, both AFD and APD issued a warning to the public today. They ask that you please be careful when going through standing water or if possible, avoid those areas altogether.

"It only takes a foot of rushing water to wash a small vehicle away and it only takes a couple of feet of rushing water to wash away any vehicle," says Davis. "A truck, or anything. It can be very dangerous. Over half of the drowning deaths from flood waters are people that are trapped inside their vehicles."

But it's not just drivers the department is concerned about. With rain comes curious and excited children.

"A lot of people tend to go play in the flooding water and several times in my career it's turned out bad. You need to stay away from flooded areas on foot as well. It only takes 6 inches of rushing water to wash a person away, to knock their feet out from under them and wash them away."

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