Amarillo Police: 44 burglaries occurred last week

Amarillo Police: 44 burglaries occurred last week

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Amarillo Police Department would like to remind residents to lock their vehicles and not leave valuable belongings inside.

In the third week of Aug. officers worked 44 auto burglaries.

Of those cases, 25 of the vehicles were left unlocked, 8 dealt with stolen firearms, and 10 had personal items such as a purse, bag, briefcase, or wallet taken.

Other items such as cell phones, tools, golf clubs, and laptops were taken from different vehicles over the week.

The APD wants to remind everyone that even though it will not prevent all auto burglaries, locking a car door is a great deterrent.

Police say the best way to keep from becoming a victim of an auto burglary is to not leave anything in an unattended vehicle.

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