Lawsuit filed against hotel after altercation caught on video

Lawsuit filed against hotel after altercation caught on video

A local lawyer has filed a lawsuit against the Quality Inn hotel, after a story we told you about on Monday.

While the lawsuit is being filed toward the Quality Inn location here, they are owned by the company Choice Hotels, which can make it either easier or more difficult to come to a conclusion in the case.

The video has now garnered over 74,000 views and has been shared almost 2,000 times. It shows what appears to be an argument turned physical between Quality Inn employees and the family.

When we spoke with the family on Monday, they said the altercation was the result of miscommunication.

They were demanding the family leave due to nonpayment for the room, but a receipt in Spencer's possession appears to show otherwise. Now, a lawsuit has been filed stemming from the incident.

"If you've seen the video, it's pretty self-explanatory, but we believe that they've got a good lawsuit," says Attorney Mike Warner. "First of all, an assault, which is caught on camera, assault, false imprisonment. They would not let them out of the room, the hotel employees should not have been there anyway."

Warner also says there was negligence, as this employee was not properly trained. On top of it, the couple has reason to believe someone from Quality Inn went out of their way to make it difficult to get another room and a different hotel.

"These folks after this incident occurred wanted to go to the Microtel hotel where they stayed, and when they got there, there's a not on the counter that says do not rent a room to Lane Spencer or Emily Morris," says Warner.

Warner tells us another key piece in this case is the fact that a receipt was fabricated, as the workers allegedly made another. But the couple took a picture of their receipt showing they paid for their entire stay.

He says all the evidence will make for an interesting case.

"I think that they have seriously blown it on this one and it's just a matter of hey, are people in Amarillo Texas going to take a stand against a corporation and let this kind of conduct go on or are they going to send a message loud enough that it can be heard all the way up in Maryland where choice hotels headquarters are."

We once again reached out to the hotel who told us Monday they would be issuing a statement...but they have since told us they have nothing to say.

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