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Canyon ISD implements new after school program

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Canyon ISD is excited for the new school year and have implemented new programs to continue to serve the students in their district. The school has had after school programs throughout their district for 30 years, but their new program focuses less on pencil and paper learning and more on using your hands.

Canyon is implementing the new program due to Senate Bill 503. Texas Legislature created the Expanded Learning Opportunities Council and Canyon's new program aligns with the states vision.

The idea behind the bill is expanded learning, hands on activities which go hand in hand with the curriculum they are learning in school.

Because Senate Bill 503 focuses on expanded learning, Canyon ISD administrators wrote the model for the new after school program and implemented it into their elementary schools. They wanted their program to focus on social and emotional learning because the school found if students are positive about their school day they are more likely to succeed.

The students have snack time as well as play time to help use the extra energy built up during the school day. Then there is homework time, where teachers are on hand in case students need extra instruction outside of the classroom; however, most of the learning that happens after school is not paper and pencil learning, it will be experimental learning.

"When kids are in the after school program they are out, they are moving,"  April McDaniel Communications Director for CISD, said. "We are not having them sit behind a desk. We are not having them sit at a table. We are having them doing different activities and they are moving from one activity to the next. They are 20 minute increments and those are helping our kids stay positive, to keep moving because they have been in a classroom all day they need to work off some of that energy."

670 students were already enrolled in the program by the first day of school and the district is expecting more excitement about the program. There will be open enrollment all year for anyone who wants to participate. If you want to register your child for the program go back to your online registration and fill out the after school activities portion.

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