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Big plans for little houses

NOMAD Micro Homes model. NOMAD Micro Homes model.
NOMAD Micro Homes Model NOMAD Micro Homes Model
Ryan Barnard, CEO of the Swisher Memorial Hospital Ryan Barnard, CEO of the Swisher Memorial Hospital
Ian Kent, President and CEO of NOMAD Micro Homes Inc. Ian Kent, President and CEO of NOMAD Micro Homes Inc.

Nurses and doctors are known to have a crazy schedule, on any given day they could work multiple, long hour shifts. That's been the case at Swisher Memorial in Tulia and because of this, they're introducing micro homes to keep the staff comfortable but also close to work. 

"The boxes you see out there are two complete mirco homes," said CEO of Swisher Memorial, Ryan Barnard. "It's not very much stuff and they'll be two  homes." 

Swisher Memorial recently broke ground on these mirco homes -- two 12 feet by12 feet homes, equipped with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and an upstairs bed. 

"This is very exciting for us," said Barnard. "There is an organizations called the Coalition of Health Services where all the CEO's in the Panhandle are members of and they've all asked me about it, and they're all interested in some type of housing like this." 

Barnard says many hospitals deal with the dilemma of where to house doctors and nurses when they stay for an extended period of time. 

"For probably decades, they usually sleep in a hospital room," said Barnard. "They're not comfortable, it's loud and they don't get much sleep. So, we thought this was a good solution." 

The tiny homes will be across the street from the hospital, far enough to relax peacefully but close enough in case of an emergency. 

President and CEO of NOMAND Micro Homes Inc., Ian Kent, designed these tiny homes for the hospital and says they could be a growing trend for the medical industry. 

"It shows the diversity of our product," said Kent. "I'm not sure how deep that market is, although we may explore it a little further once we've established the ones are Swisher Hospital. So, it's an interesting use, I think it falls under our category of temporary structures, and dwellings." 

The new micro homes should be complete by the end of September. If the hospital expands, Barnard says they could add a few more of these tiny homes. 

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