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New website makes refraining from betting on high school football harder

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Local attorneys are encouraging people to use caution when gambling on games upcoming football season, because betting on any sporting event in Texas is illegal.

A website has surfaced that allows people the chance to wager on high school football games, and local law experts say this using the site could have severe consequences.

"There will be more motivation and opportunity for abuse as more money gets involved," said attorney Stewart Werner. "You can imagine all kinds of nightmare scenarios where people would do more and more to win a bet, and that is disturbing."

The site is based in Costa Rica. They pick games from across the United States including 3 games from Texas this week.

Local athletic directors said they are not concerned with betting on professional sports, but have many issues with people gambling on amateur athletes.

"There is a pureness about high school sports, it's not about how much money they make or the fame, it's about the team," said Brad Thiessen,  Athletic Director of AISD. "Betting on high school sports would not be a good situation whatsoever." 

Enforcing laws against illegal gambling are time consuming and labor intensive. Law officials say people should not expect many changes unless the problem becomes more severe. 

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