Fritch Police pig helping raise funds for much-needed equipment

Fritch Police pig helping raise funds for much-needed equipment

The Fritch Police Department is hoping a unique partner will help get them some much-needed equipment.

We're used to seeing police departments with K-9 officers. But how about a police pig?

Well, the Fritch Police Department has named Darby the pig, their mascot.

He's a ham for the camera.

And now, he's a well-known member of the Fritch Police Department. Police pig Darby O'Driscoll teaches children to run TO police officers, instead of away.

"Children and adults's like they forget that I'm a police officer," says Officer and Darby's handler Carrie O'Driscoll. "And honestly, there's people that wouldn't normally talk to us but they see Darby and it all kind of just goes out the window."

"It's actually been a very attention-getting thing and the main goal is it reaches the kids, that's our number one thing, is to make interaction with law enforcement and children a very pleasurable thing, a safe thing for them to know that it is safe, that we are the police there to help them," says Fritch Chief of Police Monte Leggett.

But lately Darby has gone above and beyond his job description in helping with fund raising.

The department has been struggling to collect funds to purchase a much-needed patrol unit. Currently they have 9 officers, with only 3 cars to use.

"We are just badly in need of one and with the current situation with funding in our city, it's just not something that can be afforded easily," says O'Driscoll.

"The city's just been in a financial crisis from the last administration and we're just trying to recover from it and so I've got five officers driving one patrol car right now, so it's hard on the car and it's hard on the officers," says Leggett.

Darby and officer O'Driscoll have gone out in the community asking for donations through various fundraisers. Their latest effort...a raffle to be a co-star in Darby's first book.

Though there is still a long way to go to raise funds, it seems Darby will be with the department for a while.

"He's going to be with us as long as I am for sure and I don't have any intention of going anywhere."

Now the Chief did promise if they raised $10,000, Darby would officially be sworn in as a Fritch Police Officer.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so on Darby's website.

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