Great progress comes with great setbacks, forum members say on local tensions

Great progress comes with great setbacks, forum members say on local tensions

As I mentioned last week, we recently sat down with a group of mainly black Amarillo citizens of different ages, both genders and different backgrounds in our community to begin a conversation about racism in Amarillo and to gauge the level of tension that may exist between the races and more specifically with the Amarillo Police Department.

I'm going to do my best at summarizing the pulse and sentiments in the room. Today I'll talk about the overall thoughts on racism in our area.

As we began our discussion, many confirmed we do not have a lot of outward tension in Amarillo or have not yet, but we don't have a large Black community either. Most agreed that our city, like most others, is just one incident from the tension surfacing. Our community has similar issues as large towns, but it seems to be very hard to step out and talk about it.

These next comments are the general Perspective of members in the group:

"We have an expectation problem within our culture on a large level and all races seem to reinforce this negative expectation."

As in any defined group, there are radicals or people that say or do inappropriate things. There seemed to be a drive to make things right, solve the problem, eliminate the barriers, but that drive has not found a true path to fruition at this point.

In summary, we can look at a local level solution, but it will always be muddled with what happens in the rest of our nation. Overall the sense of respect surfaced. If all races showed more respect and set a higher level of humility, a solution may come naturally.

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