DPS graduates 95 new Texas state troopers

DPS graduates 95 new Texas state troopers

AUSTIN, TX (KFDA) - The Texas Department of Public Safety has added 95 men and women as the state's newest Highway Patrol Troopers.

"It takes an extraordinary individual to make the momentous commitment to taking on the responsibilities of a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper," said Commissioner Flores. "DPS and all Texans are deeply thankful of your service, and our state can rest easy knowing all of you will be serving on the front lines."

The new troopers will report to duty stations across Texas in the coming weeks and spend the first six months in on-the-job training.

The troopers began the 23-week DPS Training Academy in March. Instruction covered more than 100 subjects, including counter terrorism, traffic and criminal law, arrest and control procedures, crash reconstruction, first aid and Spanish. They also received training in use of force, communication skills, firearms, driving, criminal interdiction, cultural diversity and physical fitness.

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