AC easing tech pains for students

AC easing tech pains for students
Amarillo College Campus (Source: KFDA)
Amarillo College Campus (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo College is seeing an increased need for more technical assistance on campus and will be launching a new service called GoToAssist.

It is a tool that will allow AC support staff to diagnose or correct issues regarding a student's computer difficulties. This software is unique as it allows technical support staff the ability to access a student's computer or device without being physically present.

There are 6 full time employees who are now trained to support various AC campus locations but only students and faculty with accounts can utilize the service.

An added bonus of the new program is the technical support is still available to students even if they are off campus.

"If they have something that we need to look at and they were at another campus, we could look at it from any location without actually having to travel to the other campus," said Chief Information Officer Terry Kleffman. "While off campus, either go through a chat session or call the 371-5000 number for assistance. Students can even go to the Center for Teaching and Learning Office as well."

GoToAssist will allow support technicians to fix software problems, tackle spyware and connect students to online classes.

To ensure the privacy of all students these technicians will not be able to access the computers without permission.

"So, in order for me to actually remote into their computer, they will have to grant me access," says technician Alex Pham. "I can not just go in without their permission or without them knowing."

When a support technician is assisting someone, they will walk them through the process over the phone and the user will be able to watch the technicians every move on the device.

GoToAssist will be available for students beginning Monday, August 22 and technicians will be on call every Monday through Saturday.

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