Officials reminding drivers of school zone vigilance

Officials reminding drivers of school zone vigilance

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - With today being the first day of school for Amarillo and Canyon ISDs, law enforcement officials are warning drivers to be cautious.

Though not all school crossing lights have been on during the summer you are expected to go the speed limit in all school zones. However signs don't mean a whole lot to some people.

For the first time in years, all schools in AISD and CISD will be starting on the same day. What does this mean for you?

Use extra caution as crowds of students will be flooding the streets. And area law enforcement want to take the time to remind you of the school zone rules.

First and foremost, the limit is 20 MPH.

"We've had the summer off, we've had a couple of months of going through the school zones, we don't have to worry about it, we don't have to worry about the kids out there even though the neighborhoods you should still be worried about, but now we're going to have to start going back to school zones," says Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas.

"The motor officers try and get out and cover as many school zones as they can," says APD Sergeant Brent Barbee. "We've got what 60 schools here something to that affect, so there's a lot more school zones than there are people that can cover them."

For that reason, they need the public's help in being diligent. However, we brought out our speed gun to test drivers in school zones and many of them failed. We even clocked someone going 55 in a school zone near Tascosa High School.

Another concern for officials...texting.

"You cannot use your phone in any school zone, so that's a law no matter where you're at, whether you're out in the county or whether you're in the school," says Thomas.

"Usually if we have an accident this time of year, it will be because a child has darted out between two cars and out in front of someone, so the school zones," says Barbee. "Put up the cell phone. It's state law, city ordinance."

Parents, officials say it wouldn't be a bad idea to remind your children to look both ways before crossing.

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