Amarillo native returns from representing USA in Rio Olympics

Amarillo native returns from representing USA in Rio Olympics

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - An Olympian from Amarillo has made her way back from the Rio Olympics.

While the Rio Olympics are still underway, we had the opportunity to sit down with an alternate USA Trampolinist to tell us a little bit about the experience many of us might never have.

Shaylee Dunavin has been jumping and tumbling since she was two years old. And all the training and experience has paid off, as the Amarillo native acted as an alternate for team USA's trampoline team in the Rio Olympics...something she has always dreamed of doing.

And she credits her family for being so supportive.

"It was worth every moment, the atmosphere was awesome and the audience was just electric and being on team USA was just an awesome thing to be a part of," says Shaylee.

"I was just amazed, I mean it's just such a dream and it's been her dream for a long time," says Shaylee's Mother Jenny.

But it's not all fun and games. Shaylee has trained vigorously over the years to prepare herself for the ultimate competition.

She says spending extended periods of time away from family isn't easy, but being in Rio made it worth the stress.

"There wasn't so much pressure, but watching it, I kind of felt like I wanted to be down there competing," says Shaylee. "And so I'm anxious for the next four years coming because the atmosphere is just awesome and so I think it would've pushed me to do better and perform to my best."

Shaylee and the rest of the Dunavin family hope to see her in four years at another Olympics...but for now, they are enjoying having their trampolinist back on Texas soil.

"It's an amazing thing for Shaylee and this community and we're just proud parents," says Shaylee's Father Shane.

"We'll just ride the waves and see where she goes from here," says Carolyn Mayfield, Shaylee's Grandmother.

"I'm so so proud and just can't believe that God gave us five beautiful children and then an Olympian as well."

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