Does a national divide run through Amarillo, too?

Does a national divide run through Amarillo, too?

When watching the news, it doesn't take long to see our society is struggling to resolve many age-old issues.

A few weeks ago I profiled the efforts in Baton Rouge in dealing with racial tensions in their area. This week, NewsChannel 10 kicks off an effort to look into tensions that might exist in our community.

Over the next 6-8 weeks we will hold multiple focus groups with local residents of different ages, races, genders and social classes represented. We will also launch a survey on our website for everyone to give us input.

Controversy and tension exist throughout our nation, but is Amarillo insulated or unique? And if so, in what way?

Our goal is to listen to your thoughts and take our community's overall temperature on topics from racial tension and other tensions that may or may not exist between our citizens and the police department. Weekly, we will report the Perspectives we find.

From our Perspective, this is a conversation worth having, so during the next two months we will do our best to gather, understand and present your Perspective.

Perspective is a weekly feature presented by NewsChannel 10 Vice President/General Manager Brent McClure. Have something you'd like to share? Send your perspective to

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