Amarillo man spends week with homeless

Amarillo man spends week with homeless
Rudd and a homeless Amarillo resident (Source: KFDA)
Rudd and a homeless Amarillo resident (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - One Amarillo man is spending this week on the streets to find out how the city can better help the homeless population.

Kit Rudd will represent himself and Yellow City Community Outreach this week by living with the city's homeless population to learn what kind of help these people want and need.

"I think the homeless need our help," said Rudd. "I think they're a problem that has been ignored too long. I think it's a growing problem. And if we as citizens don't step up and take some kind of action to solve this problem it's only going to get worse."

Rudd will spend the next four days with homeless groups downtown and along 6th Street, sleeping in alleys and relying on the generosity of others for things like food.

"They feel like they're being persecuted, they feel like they're being hunted, so they do hide out, they stay in alleys they stay in dark places, they stay in places that aren't necessarily safe," said Rudd of homeless people in Amarillo.

Amarillo does have several resources to help the homeless. But there are still many living on the city streets.

Rudd has never done anything like this before, but believes that experiencing homelessness first hand will help him better serve those who do not have a place to go home to.

"These people don't have a voice," said Rudd. "Nobody listens. I will be their voice. I will speak for them. I will learn what they want to say. I will learn what they need."

All he asks is the community acknowledge homelessness is a problem, and do what it can to make a difference.

"If you see a homeless person, look at them as a human being, not as an object. Because they're people just like us. Just like us."

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