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Erase the "R" Word

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Sabrina Johnson Sabrina Johnson

“Well I tell you it’s nothing like a passionate mother defending her child." This is true when it comes to advocate and mother Sabrina Johnson who witnessed her 13-year-old son being called retarded by an adult at the Amarillo Town Club. 

“We had a gentlemen to say some pretty hurtful things to us and it happened on two occasions,” said Johnson.

Upset about what took place Johnson got on social media and exposed his deeds.

“On the posts I talked about how our children are training for their swim meet. How our children in the lane next to this individual have to work ten times as hard just to be there and they deserve the respect of an athlete that is willing to work so hard and they belong there.”

After the incident with her son, Johnson, along with others immediately got to work and teamed up with the CEO of Advo Carla Hughes.

Hughes stated, “We took that as an opportunity to turn it into a positive experience and for us to educate our community in erasing the ‘R’ word.”

Two weeks after the incident the group was able to bring together companies, community businesses, families, friends and supporters to create an event full of food, free fun and festivities for the community to enjoy. They also wanted to let those with special needs know that they should be celebrated and loved and not judged by their differences.

Hughes said that hundreds of people came to the event and they can’t wait to make it bigger and better for next year. Furthermore, she hopes that people walk away from this knowing that every human being deserves respect, inclusion and acceptance.


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