Law enforcement support group needs your help

Law enforcement support group needs your help

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - To continue to help law enforcement across the panhandle, one first responder support group is asking for more people to join its cause.

In times of tragedy, the 100 Club of the Texas Panhandle is there to financially support the families of fallen officers and firefighters in the panhandle.

And with heightened tension across the nation between civilians and law enforcement, the group hopes more people will stand with them to support our peace officers.

"I think right now there are a lot of people looking for a way to show their support for our first responders but they really don't know the best way to go about it," said Dirk Swope, Executive Director of the 100 Club.

He hopes the 100 Club can reach these people across all 26 counties they serve.

Right now the group consists of about 400 members, and they hope to double that number by the end of the year.

It costs $100 a year to join, and that money stays right here in the panhandle.

All money donated is not only used for death benefits but to fund training and buy equipment for police and fire departments across the panhandle to better serve the public.

And this support truly means a lot to our area law enforcement.

"If you want to show some support, this is where it can be," said Brian Thomas, Potter County Sheriff. "It says so much to us when we see that sticker on a car, or we go to the meetings...and somebody signed up and you know that they're a part of that. It does our hearts good and I promise you it'll make you feel good, too, that you're doing something to help."

"These are not just superheroes that are out there saving the world," said Swope. "These are men and women that have compassion and they have lives and they're out there to try and help us in our time of needs and the compassion they show us is just incredible."

If you're interested in becoming a member, you can visit the 100 Club's website here.

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