Hundreds gather to lay Officer Scherlen to rest

Hundreds gather to lay Officer Scherlen to rest

Amarillo Police Officer Justin Scherlen was laid to rest Wednesday.

Hundreds of people helped escort Scherlen to his final resting place, many being law enforcement. The solidarity of them all flashing their emergency lights could be seen for miles.

The message today...unity.

Though a somber day for many, the community came together yet again to show just how important officers are, as they paid their respects to Officer Scherlen.

Services were held at Hillside church, followed by countless people making their way to Llano Cemetery. Many like Jennifer West stood along side the road, as the procession of men and women brought Scherlen to his final resting place.

"My son is a police officer and all of the officers deserve our respect," says West. "I wanted the boys, my grandsons to learn early to respect our officers and so it was important for me to give back to the officers, especially Officer Scherlen."

Hundreds of police cars could be seen this morning and afternoon, and not just from Amarillo.

Officers from Borger, Hereford, Lubbock and even Grand Prairie were among those who came to offer their support. Many say the outpouring of love and compassion from those who "back the badge" speaks volumes of the Panhandle community.

"When one of them falls, it takes a part of each one of their hearts. They are stronger than family. When one of them cries, they all cry. Send up a few prayers from them now and in the days to come because they're going to need it and keep the rest of the men and women in blue in your prayers and if you see one of them, wave and encourage them in what they're doing. It's an act of love."

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