Potter County passes budget after major cuts made

Potter County passes budget after major cuts made

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Some changes to Potter County's budget have been made after they were millions of dollars over budget.

The county had to result to budget cuts after being two point four million dollars over, but officials tell us they don't foresee any negative consequences.

It seems like a lot to be over for a county budget, but in talking to departments that will be impacted, Potter County Judge Nancy tanner is confident in the cuts being made.

"Like road and bridge and fire department and the sheriffs office and they were very, very good about letting us cut some of the major equipment and they were so expensive, the trucks are $235,000 each, so we had to cut those out," says Tanner.

Revenue was down this year, and Tanner says they are not sure why. This was also a challenge when making cuts, knowing the county had to make up the difference in revenue.

But the tax rate will stay the same.

And Tanner tells us she does not see any future issues with commissioner's choices.

"This is the...and obviously the welfare of the citizens in the county is of utmost importance, so we would never cut something that was vital to their success or their survival of anything major happening, so it's all stuff that we can do next year if we have to," says Tanner.

Some good news for employees as well...they will see a two percent pay raise across the board and retirees will see some incentives, especially considering insurance prices for everyone saw a significant rise this year.

"I'm the only one on the court that was an employee first before I became judge, so I know what it's like to sit on the other side of the fence here and hope that you get compensated a little every year for your duties and for your loyalty to the county and to your bosses."

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