Germans crank up another Panhandle wind farm

Germans crank up another Panhandle wind farm
Source: KFDA

E.ON Climate and Renewables announced today the beginning of operations at its Colbeck's Corner wind operation in Carson and Gray counties.

The 200-megawatt installation will produce electricity for Digital Reality, a global data storage and management company.

The wind farm can power about 64,000 average homes, according to industry estimates. However, that would require the farm to operate at the average equivalent of top capacity all day and night.

The German company didn't release a construction cost, but industry estimates say it costs about $2 million per megawatt or what would have totaled $400 million for Colbeck's. E.ON says it brought this facility online for 40 percent less than the cost for a previous one.

Some of the company's portfolio in Texas includes owning at least in part and operating another wind farm near Colbeck's and three in Oldham County.

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