UPDATE: Missing Amarillo man has been found deceased

UPDATE: Missing Amarillo man has been found deceased

CLAUDE, TX (KFDA) - UPDATE - Vernie Jerome Lyons has been found deceased, according to his daughters.

She tells us, "Yes my daddy is in heaven. Texas Rangers are handling everything because he was found in his truck on a rural dirt road in Claude, Armstrong county. Police came to my sisters door at around midnight to tell her."

The Texas Rangers are investigating the death. He was discovered deceased in a field near County Road 11, south of FM-1151 in Armstrong County.

The Texas Rangers were notified and responded to the scene at approximately 6:34 p.m., on Sunday.

An autopsy has been ordered and will be conducted by South Plains Forensic Pathology in Lubbock.

This is an ongoing investigation and more details will be released when available. 


8/6/16 Story

An Amarillo family is asking for the public's help in finding one of their relatives, an elderly man who they say uncharacteristically disappeared Wednesday evening.

The family identified the man as Vernie Jerome Lyons Jr., a 66-year-old veteran. Lyons' family said his pickup truck, a white 1991 Ford or Dodge model, is also missing.

Lyon has been missing for approximately 72 hours and his family said he left without saying anything and his absence isn't normal behavior.

Amarillo Officials have ceased entrance into his home and they are currently investigating his whereabouts.
Lyon's family is also doing their part in creating flyers, posters and contacting the media in hopes to bring him home.

According to Lyon's step-daughter Jessica Romero, she received a call from his job at TootNTotum and they expressed to her that he didn't show up for work on Aug. 4, Thursday morning. Romero drove to his home to check on him but he was nowhere to be found.

Romero said, "I came over to his house and I opened his front door but it was locked. I walked in and called out for him but went into his bedroom and he wasn't there. I walked into the kitchen and noticed the back door was open."

Family friend Renee Short, was the last person to see Lyon on Aug. 3, Wednesday and is saddened by his disappearance.

Short said, "My dad is not the type of person to do something like this. Not one day has he missed work unless there is a funeral or something bad, he don't go nowhere without telling his girls. He calls us, this is not my dad."

According to officials, Lyon was entered into the National Crime Information Center database as soon as the missing person's report was put into the system.

APD also put out a region five alert on Thursday night. APD also stated that they gathered information that shows Lyon leaving his house in a pickup truck by himself.

Lyons' family says he only takes medication for his heart and high blood pressure. They also said this is the first time Lyons has suddenly disappeared.

The Amarillo Police Department has been notified of the incident. Please contact the department at (806) 378-9452 if you see Lyons.

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