Back to School Shoppers Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekend

Back to School Shoppers Take Advantage of Tax Free Weekend
Back to school shoppers flocked to their favorite stores this weekend for the major discounts and sales that only come around once before the new school year.

This year's tax-free weekend was a busy one, especially at JCPenney.

Majority of shoppers were parents and their kids stocking up on clothes, shoes, and backpacks for the upcoming year. Back to school shopping can get extremely expensive, so parents took advantage of the deals and discounts in order to save money.

JCPenney Assistant Store Manager of Merchandise, Chey Southwick told us that this tax-free weekend has been very fun and was a great turn out this year.

Friday, Saturday Sunday, tax-free has been tons of fun here and the associates really embarrassing it in time to share what they like, what their nieces and nephews and sons and daughters all like. We had tons of customers through the store   and everyone is really seeing the value which is great, which is what we want to bring to them. We want to make your pennies worth here at JCPenney.”

Stores will close Sunday at 9:00 p.m. so make sure you take advantage of the discounted prices.
Customers can also avoid the hustle and the bustle and celebrate tax-free weekend by shopping at home on an app like the JCPenny app. This will able customers to have quick access to coupons and other offers which are just a swipe or tap away.

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