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Pokemon Go, a no go for sex offenders

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Local parole officers are banning sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go. 

This policy extends the reach of the current ban that keeps offenders from using social media. 

Pokemon Go attracts people to places with a high number of minors.

Law enforcement said this policy should not come as a surprise.

"We just don't feel that it is a good idea for our sex offenders to participate in Pokemon Go," said Terry Easterling, the Director of Community Supervision and corrections Department. "Clearly there is a lot of children playing the game, and we don't want those children coming in contact with sex offenders."

Easterling is in charge of Potter, Randall and Armstrong counties. All three expect to have bans by the end of the week.

Hutchinson County prohibits all sex offenders from using the internet, including on mobile devices.

Parents say they are pleased to see the community is looking out for their youth. 

"When my daughter gets a little older I don't mind if she plays Pokemon Go," said Joshua Nipper, a father an Pokemon Go player. "I would want to make sure there are regulations on the game if older kids and adults are playing too."

New York State banned the app state-wide on Tuesday. 

These decisions in Texas are made on the county level.

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