Local organization receives much-needed donation to help struggling mothers

Local organization receives much-needed donation to help struggling mothers
Faith City Mission & Starr Family (Source: KFDA)
Faith City Mission & Starr Family (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Starr Family was randomly selected by a Market Street United sweepstakes to receive a year's supply of diapers.

After the family was presented with the prize, the grocery chain gave them the opportunity to match the donation and give it to one area organization. The Starr family selected Faith City Mission.

Amanda Mosher is one Amarillo mother who has already benefited from this gift.

"I kind of ran out of diapers," Mosher said. "My grandmother just had surgery, she has cancer and I have been at the hospital with her ever since, and then I was told about this...I didn't have anything else for my son."

Faith City Mission provides underprivileged individuals a way to get back on their feet by providing meals, housing, and a career goal program. The organization also gives special attention to women in need.

"There are so many things that are required when you have these little ones," said Executive Director Jane Taylor. "So, we provide the diapers, the formula everything they need while they are there and it is true that diapers are needed at the Mission."

Hilary Starr was a volunteer at the Taylor's organization and was entered into the sweepstakes for purchasing baby-related items at a Market Street grocery store in Amarillo.

Once she contacted by United Family representatives, she wanted to give back to the mothers she worked so closely with.

"The best thing about it to me, is that Market Street said that they would give it to one of my favorite charities," said Starr.

The Faith City Mission plans to hand out the donated diapers to more than 15 women a day who come through the Mission's Lighthouse residential program. Lighthouse provides mothers with supplies for their children.

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