Struggling single parents can now call a new community home

Struggling single parents can now call a new community home

PORTALES, N.M. (KFDA) - Struggling single parents across the area can now call a new community in New Mexico home.

The New Mexico Christian Children's Home purchased 7 acres of land last year to construct Hope Haven, a single parent community now consisting of 5 duplexes that will house 21 families. Hope Haven expects to have about 34 homes when it is completed and will provide free utilities and career coaching for 2 to 4 years to allow families to become independent again.

This program was funded through donations rather than government grants.  About $1 million has been donated for the construction of the two-and-three bedroom homes.

"Two bedroom homes are built for about $286,000 and the three bedroom homes are about $306,000, but they are built well," said Tom Pittmon, Director of Public Relations.

This program isn't only for single moms or dads. Grandparents or single guardians can also qualify if they are a primary caregiver for a child. To apply for this housing you can do so online and show you are struggling financially.

"Many people find us on the internet on our website and when they go to our website they are able to fill out an application and send it in and I get that almost immediately so that begins the process for them," said Bill Marshall, Single Parent Homes Director.

This project is halfway through completion but is expected to expand within the next five to eight years. Each duplex will house about 12 families during the first decade of service.

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