Officials remind public keeping lakes clean is group effort

Officials remind public keeping lakes clean is group effort

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Excessive trash at a local lake is prompting city officials to ask for your help.

Over the past week, we've had a few people send us pictures of trash in the water of Medi Park.

But allow us to clear the air as far as where the debris comes from, and who is responsible for it.

If you say you've seen trash around lakes like Medi-park, you wouldn't be lying. But a lot goes into how it gets there.

City of Amarillo Park maintenance cleans the park routinely, but when rain hits, the flood gates literally open.

"We get a lot of wash in from the communities and also from the parking lots that wash down and basically what happens is if somebody throws out a piece of trash, whether it's out at the parking lot of a local Walmart or whether it's here at the park, eventually it's going to end up in our storm water system and eventually it washes into our lakes here at Medical center, Thompson, Southeast, those other park lakes throughout town," says Parks Superintendent Clint Stoddard.

While the city does take on the issue, a large part of it falls on the public. Stoddard says there are trashcans throughout the city especially in the area parks, and simply throwing trash away can make a world of difference, especially considering it is affecting the animals at the lakes.

"We've got ducks or geese that actually end up with the trash on them, around their neck like a six pack coke container, the plastic ones wash into our lakes and the ducks and geese get into it and it wraps around their necks and causes a big problem for them, and we end up having to catch the duck and trying to get it off there," says Stoddard.

What some may not know, the water ends up as is at lake Meredith...a place where many people get in the water for a swim. The city asks you to think again before tossing trash to the side or dumping anything in the lake.

"Everything as you see washes down these roads," says Stoddard. "If it's carrying trash, it's going to end up in one of these lakes basically because it all drains to the lakes and eventually heads out to lake Meredith at some point, but if they can keep it out of that, it really helps us out a lot."

The city has an Adopt-A-Park program for any group that wishes to help in cleaning. You can find out more information by calling 378-3036.

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