'Where Do We Go From Here?': Key leaders discuss police, community tension

'Where Do We Go From Here?': Key leaders discuss police, community tension

Supporters in Baton Rouge line the roadway as a police procession honoring three slain officers passes through on July 22. Several prominent community members will host a live discussion on police-community relations nationwide in a special town hall Tuesday evening. (Source: WAFB)

Perspective started as effort to have conversations within our community.

We have talked about a lot of topics so far, but today we bring you, our viewers, into a discussion we have been having for over a month. In a past Perspective piece, we tried to identify things we can do as a media company to help ease the tensions that exist in our community and in our nation in regards to race and police relations.

We have had internal discussions with people in our minority communities and in our police community to get a sense of the frustrations, concerns and fears that exist.

What is next? Our perspective is that we have to connect people and understand each other. This is a complex and ever-changing issue to a problem that is generations old.

We are going to continue to dive into this topic and seek understanding, and then share the points of view we find with you.

As a starting place, our sister station WAFB in Baton Rouge is leading the way with a town hall meeting including Martin Luther King III joining community leaders, activists and law enforcement on the panel.

From this point forward, we need your Perspective: Where do we go from here and how do we make things better?

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