Two local nonprofits see declining donations

Two local nonprofits see declining donations

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - This summer the High Plains Food Bank and the Salvation Army are seeing an even greater decrease in donations than last year.

The food bank currently has a $300,000 shortfall and if this lack of cash donations continue, the food bank will struggle to distribute food to about 9,000 local families each month.

"Summer time is always a time where donations typically decrease but this summer has been really unique because we have really seen a dip in that fundraising activity," said Zack Wilson, High Plains Food Bank Executive Director.

The Salvation Army is in need of an $180,000 increase before the end of September. The organization needs that amount to continue distributing $20,000 a month to assist area veterans.

With the shortfalls, both nonprofits have made drastic changes to their schedules. They have also cut staff hours, meaning less representatives providing services for those in need.

"Our staff has taken about a 15 percent cut in hours to be worked," said Major Harvey Johnson, Salvation Army Executive Director. "We have a very small staff to start with and so this does begin to impact how we are able to deliver services."

To continue ongoing services throughout the community, these nonprofits are asking the public to make monetary donations rather than giving non-perishable foods and clothes.

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