#HerefordSC: Hereford offering a lot more than beef these days

#HerefordSC: Hereford offering a lot more than beef these days

Hereford may be a small town, but there are some big things that make it unique -- and it's not the millions of cattle spread throughout the area.

Depending on who you ask, Hereford is described as a town of 15,000 progressive people.

"They all get involved in everything that is in the community," said Sid Shaw, the executive director for the Deaf Smith County Chamber of Commerce. "They have a winning spirit and a winning attitude and that is what makes Hereford great."

A few years back, the chamber added a slogan to the town: "A Winning Spirit and a Winning Attitude."

The goal was to propel Hereford into the future with an exciting and vibrant message. The chamber hoped it not only created a positive attitude in the community, but a message of "If you come to Hereford, you'll like what you see."

"You would look around and see people who enjoy what they do," Shaw said. "You would see people who really like living here. Hereford is a great place to live. One thing that a lot of people don't know about us is when someone moves to Hereford from a different location they typically never leave."

Hereford has a diverse economy which stems from their agriculture and cattle. Because of these two giant empires, those who move to Hereford can make an honest living.

Residents in Hereford can not only find a good job, but a great place to raise their families.

"They can buy homes for their families," Shaw said. "They can find schools that are great for their kids, they can find programs, especially athletic programs that their kids can excel in they can become part of a community."

There are many reasons to stop in Hereford, but the town usually does not rely on large attractions to draw tourists. However, every year the Spicer Grip Roping Tournament attracts many people to the town.

Hereford also has a small but interesting museum, a six-screen movie theater and many small businesses that help visitors understand that town and its community.

"H&R Manufacturing is one of the most interesting businesses you will ever walk into," Shaw said. "The inside of that business is the town of Hereford. The doorways going into the different areas in that business, storefronts if you will... And if you have never been in a place like that you should (go)."

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