Amarillo's first art festival just weeks away

Amarillo's first art festival just weeks away
Create! will take the place of the Center City Block Party, which the group hopes to bring back once the MPEV is completed (Source: KFDA)
Create! will take the place of the Center City Block Party, which the group hopes to bring back once the MPEV is completed (Source: KFDA)
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - We're less than one month away from Amarillo's first art festival, and Center City is working with dozens of local artists to make this a memorable event.

The plan is to represent every type of art imaginable - from painting to dancing to cooking - for Amarillo residents to enjoy.

It's called "Create!" People will have the opportunity to admire, purchase and create art of their own next month when the art festival arrives.

An art festival is intended to help Amarillo establish a cultural district in part of the city.

"We think of culture in the biggest definition - a culinary culture with the food trucks, with arts and crafts, with film and all the different things that we have," said Beth Duke, Executive Director of Center City. "So we want to showcase as much of the media as we can and really make it a family art festival."

Having a certified cultural district makes the city eligible for special grants, which could mean more art events for people in Amarillo and the panhandle.

Thirty artists and organizations and eight food vendors are confirmed to join the fun when the festival hits downtown Amarillo on August 20th.

Those include groups like the Lone Star Ballet and the Amarillo Symphony, as well as local artists and photographers.

"We still have plenty of room on the plaza we would love to have more arts and crafts vendors and more food vendors," said Duke. "I think the more the merrier, because we want our "Create!" festival to really get a strong start this year."

This will be taking the place of the annual Center City Block Party.

"We think it'll be a different crowd," said Duke. "With the block party we had our 20th anniversary last year, and we decided it was time to take a break, do something new. We hope once we get the new venue built downtown, we hope to come back with a block party that's bigger than ever."

Festivities for "Create!" kick off with a ticketed VIP party on Friday August 19th, followed by the free festival on Saturday August 20th.

The festival will take place inside the Amarillo Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, the Downtown Library and all the space in between.

Fourth Avenue will be closed down and artists and vendors will be in and outside in the parking lots between these buildings.

Saturday's activities run from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and admission is free.

If you want to set up a booth at the festival, or attend the VIP party, contact Center City here.

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