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Hospital head: Can't discuss patients, but no flesh-eating bacteria present

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The head of the Pampa Regional Hospital said social media rumors of flesh-eating bacteria killing a man at the facility are untrue.

The hospital's CEO, Brad Morse, said there was no evidence of that sort of bacteria at the hospital and that the case was blown up by social media comments and rumors. However, due to federal privacy laws he could not discuss a patient who might have died there.

Officials with Lake Meredith National Recreation Area also say there is no link between the death of a man who recently visited the lake and the visit itself.

The person visited Lake Meredith over the weekend, but LMNRA said "thousands" of people were also in the lake and additional illnesses have yet to be reported.

Lake Meredith remains open.

In a post Tuesday, LMNRA said it had received several calls about a potential case of flesh-eating bacteria and stated there have been no state health reports linking the disease to any Panhandle county.

Necrotizing fasciitis, commonly referred to as flesh-eating bacteria, is a rarely-diagnosed condition that spreads quickly in an infected person. The bacteria can enter the body through minor cuts and begin to eat away at tissue.

Cases of the bacteria were reported at two south Texas beaches earlier this season. Earlier this month, a Lubbock man who said he had not recently visited a beach was diagnosed with the condition.

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