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In dawn of social age, information and accountability are at all-time highs

Many times people can learn of a situation or story through social media, and can quickly jump to conclusions without having all the information.

In recent weeks, there have been many scary or questionable situations involving children and leadership in our country and even our area. 

We read more news and opinion on social media than ever before.  Many times the news sources are vague and the opinions are based on first impression or perceptions not facts. 

Without knowing all of the circumstances and many times relying on gossip and unreliable sources, people quickly criticize the parents, children, businesses, officials and whomever else they think is at fault. 

Respect for the fellow man seems to be at an all-time low.

Nearly everyone now has a digital mouthpiece and many are more than happy to share their opinion regardless of what pain it might cause or whether the comments are even accurate.

Consider this, Perspective:  Everyone has a right to an opinion and people must be held accountable. 

That accountability goes both ways, we all have the obligation to know the facts and treat others with respect. 

Let's take a positive role in our communities and hold each other to a higher level of accountability in our words and actions to lift each other up and make things better around us.

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