#PampaSC: Animal shelter seeing tremendous change

#PampaSC: Animal shelter seeing tremendous change

PAMPA, TX (KFDA) - Imagine as a shelter going from a 95 percent kill rate, to a 15 percent kill rate as an animal shelter in just two years.

While it sounds almost impossible, the Pampa Animal Shelter did it.

Their shelter was built just two years ago, but officials are seeing the difference they had hoped for.

The group PAWS, who volunteers for the shelter has helped make great strides. They are involved with sending hundreds of animals at the Pampa shelter to a no-kill shelter in Colorado.

This has helped cut down on overcrowding tremendously.

"The facility itself brings people in like crazy and they come in, they want to see, they walk in and the facility is easy to clean, it's easy to take care of and they see these nice animals in this beautiful place and they take animals out," said Monty Montgomery, the supervisor of Animal Services.

PAWS is always looking for donations to help them rescue animals and keep them healthy.

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