More physicians and affordable healthcare now available for Texas women

More physicians and affordable healthcare now available for Texas women

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has launched its Healthy Texas Women program designed to extend access for women trying to obtain free-to-low-cost healthcare.

More women between the ages 15 to 44 can now qualify for this healthcare that includes a variety of health screenings, vaccinations and family planning.

"It's for women who do not have health insurance currently or women who do have some, but it doesn't cover all of their women healthcare needs," says Lesley French, Associate Commissioner of Texas Health & Human Services.

The purpose of the program is to give women the ability to maintain their healthcare and easily find providers that will accommodate their health-related needs.

About 5,000 healthcare providers across Texas are now part of the program, giving patients the opportunity to either choose, or get matched with, practitioners to be diagnosed and treated.

"It's mainly a family planning program, so your annual exam, your cervical cancer screenings and treatments, as well as immunizations can be covered," French said. "You wouldn't go to this program if you have the flu but you can get it for your annual exam or birth control options."

A single woman can qualify for the program if she earns no more than $23,000 a year or has a family of three with a combined income of up to $40,000.

This program provides 50 Amarillo physicians but you can click here to see a list of physicians provided in our area. To see what services you are eligible to receive, visit the Healthy Texas Women Program website here.

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