#MemphisSC: Fowler Building: Why not both?

#MemphisSC: Fowler Building: Why not both?

MEMPHIS, TX (KFDA) - Some people say "Out with the old, in with the new."

But one Memphis business owner thought, why not have both?

Kathy Fowler purchased the old Masonic lodge on the square in Memphis to house her insurance agency in 2008.

The building looks modern on the inside, but still keeps a lot of the original 1925 architecture.

The intent of the almost two-year renovation was to maintain as much of the original design as possible and to preserve the history of all that went on in this building.

"We did put in new windows so we could be energy efficient but basically the building is still very much the way it was whenever it was built originally," Fowler said. "I did a few cosmetic things on the outside and then we preserved as much of the inside as we could, all the ceilings are still the same."

The original desk used by the Masons still sits in the same place it did 90 years ago.

Fowler says restoration was important to her because she wanted her business to fit in with the look and feel of everything Memphis.

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