Bus driver serves only probation for rape

Bus driver serves only probation for rape

CHATTANOOGA, TN (KFDA) - A former Hamilton county school bus driver has plead guilty to raping a student, but will not face jail time.

Alexander Rodriquez pleaded guilty to aggravated statutory rape for taking a 15-year-old girl to a motel room and raping her in March 2015.

She was reported missing from Sale Creek High School and was last seen getting into a bus reportedly driven by Alexander Rodriquez.

A little after 10 that evening she returned home and told investigators she boarded the bus with Rodriquez driving. In the girl's words, "He drove the bus to where the buses are kept."

She then told police Rodriquez drove her in his personal car to a motel and forced her to perform oral sex on him just before raping her.

Later, she said Rodriquez received a call from investigators asking if he knew where she was. That was when he decided to return her to the Birchwood area.

He has been sentenced to serve 4-years in prison but that was suspended for some reason. Now he will not serve time behind bars.

He will instead be on supervised sex offender probation for 10 years and have to wear a G-P-S ankle monitor.

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