Pampa sees major success with "Operation Community Pride"

Pampa sees major success with "Operation Community Pride"

The city of Pampa took trash and other issues into their own hands and are now seeing the benefits.

The program is called operation community pride and it was created after officials saw junk, debris and other issues within the city of Pampa becoming worse.

And just one year later, the city says the program has shown great success.

"Just pick it up."

That's the phrase City of Pampa employees know well thanks to their Community Pride Program. The city has cleanup where they hit the streets and alleys for shrub and trash.

But it doesn't end there. They now have an app where people can literally make service requests. Snap a picture of that pothole or graffiti and with a few short sentences, it's in the city's hands.

"Now that the program has been in full operation, we're almost at the two million pound mark of junk and debris that we remove with that program in place, so we're awful proud of it," says Director of Public Works Donny Hooper.

It's completely free for the residents of Pampa to use, but it is not free to run. Hooper says much of the credit for the success goes to the city commissioners.

"It does take funding to fund that program, but it's well worth it because if you look at the overall cleanliness of our community and the way that it's starting to shape up, and we're not there yet, we still got a long way to go but I think that with that buy in, this program is going to continue," says Hooper.

The popularity of the program is now picking up recognition across the state. And Hooper tells us coming from a small city like Pampa, it's exciting.

"There have been a number of communities that have called us, not just from the state of Texas but from beyond that have said 'how are y'all doing that?' Tell us what you're doing with that program. And that's one of my proudest moments when I can sit on the phone and say here's now we did it."

The lack of communication between residents and government is something many cities work to fix. But the city of Pampa is happy with where they stand.

"It's really been amazing to me how the people in our community have seen this as a working partnership to solve a solution instead of that divisive wall that sometimes is between the local government and the community."

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