Is STARR testing the correct answer?

Is STARR testing the correct answer?

From lost test scores to questions with no correct answers, the STAAR test given to students in Texas public schools this year has been a disaster.

School districts across the state have reported issues with the test. ETS, the company responsible for administering the test, has a 280 million dollar taxpayer funded contract.

Here's the perspective: That's our money!

The irony of this story is that the STAAR test is all about accountability for students and teachers. I say that someone needs to be held accountable for this debacle.

Whether the fault lies with ETS or the Texas Education Agency, our lawmakers need to be asking some hard questions about the STAAR tests: Who is responsible? Who is making money off of this? And is there a solution to this issue?

Our students, teachers and taxpayers deserve better.

And we deserve answers...correct ones, this time.

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