Do we say 'Thank You' enough? Probably not

Do we say 'Thank You' enough? Probably not

Last week our community was tested! We witnessed a very dangerous moment. Our public servants were called on again to put their lives in danger to keep us safe.

A man took hostages at a local Walmart. He fired at least one shot from a handgun. City, Randall County and state police were called. They responded and acted with amazing professionalism. It did not end well for the fellow who took the hostages.

This event is a reminder of the dangers in the world and the potential for grave danger that exists whenever our police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel and our military personnel answer the call to duty.

As public employees or servants, we require these professionals to deliver at a very high level, to be their best at all times, even in danger. This level of execution rarely gets a Thank You when done well, but is quick to draw our criticism when it falls short or we do not understand something.

Do we say "thank you" enough to the men and women who serve us? Probably not.

So, our perspective this week is a simple challenge. As we demand the very best, let us all say thanks whenever and wherever we can to those who serve our community and our nation.