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Amarillo residents present alternative to city parks proposal

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Claiming the proposal is not fair to all parts of the city, some Amarillo citizens voiced their concerns about the proposed city parks renovation project to the city council Tuesday afternoon.

"One Amarillo One Voice" is made up of residents from all quadrants of the city who are not against the $98 million parks project itself, but rather against how the majority of the upgrades would go to southwest Amarillo. 

"The committee was formulated really in a reaction [to] the city parks proposal that was presented a couple of weeks ago," said Mercy Murguia, Potter County Commissioner, Precinct 2. "Roughly a few months ago the committee learned this initiative was happening, and really had concerns with the proposal as it was originally framed - $100 million, and 65% of those dollars in one section of the city."

That one section being John Stiff Park in southwest Amarillo.

"One Amarillo One Voice" suggests splitting city park projects across four locations - John Stiff Park, Rick Klein Complex, land adjacent to Carver Elementary, and the Potter County Fairgrounds. 

"Obviously economic stimulus is at the root of the discussion, and all of our city has to continue to grow," said Murguia. "What we're trying to do is advocate for all sections of that, and what can and what should that look like."

The city council has not endorsed any city park renovation proposal, and is open to discussing the project.

"This presentation today certainly offered another perspective," said City Council Member Elisha Demerson. "I like the idea that the community has started to actually talk about it, and so there will be some significant community input and discussions going forward."

The council will announce dates to seek more public input beginning next month.

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