Communication between city, residents may need improvement

Communication between city, residents may need improvement

The City of Amarillo recently announced a new $900 million initiative to repair, replace and build infrastructure. Deputy City Manager Bob Crowell defined infrastructure as the physical things that allow the city to provide services to the community.

You can have a voice on the matter through a series of public meetings in various parts of town. Everyone is invited from the community and City officials will be there to educate and to listen to your input.

In my perspective, this may be an outdated way of communication.

In the past, the city and other groups have held community meetings and even made attempts to get information out on Facebook to share the details on projects such as the downtown ballpark and the Amarillo Recreation Center.

While few people attended these meetings or commented online, critics cried out when the planning got to the final stages. They said they didn't know about the meetings and the plans were hatched in a backroom and then sent to the voters.

This time the City wants to follow the same system it has in the past, but allow for more Facebook and Twitter involvement for input.

I'm not sure this is enough.

What is your perspective? Will enhanced social media participation give you the voice you want and need in the matter?

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