State capitol, superintendent divided on transgender student guidelines

State capitol, superintendent divided on transgender student guidelines

Today's Perspective has 2 points of controversy in it.

Last week Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick called for the resignation of Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent Scribner because of his decision to enact guidelines regarding transgender students in the district.

The issue here is whether the state's lieutenant governor should be posting on a state-owned website and meddling in a local government issue.

Last Friday, President Obama and the US Department of Education released wording on the matter and Lt. Governor Patrick responded by saying Federal Government should stay out of local issues.

Hmmm. Does the same go for Lt. Governor Patrick? This looks like a political move not a real actionable item because,

Scribner works for the duly-elected Fort Worth ISD board of trustees, which hired him and has the sole power to remove him.

Sure, this is a national and statewide issue. But in the matter involving one school district superintendent's policy and how to handle it – even on an issue as controversial as transgender students' rights – the solution lies exclusively within the school district.

It's the school board's call. The state lieutenant governor has many other issues on his plate.

A local district's internal affairs, even if they have a high level of controversy, are usually only addressed on the state level by laws crafted by legislators or instructional policy written by the state board of education. This is why local school districts are identified as "independent."

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