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Borger police hope new facility will better help serve the community

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Chief Bruce Roberts Chief Bruce Roberts
Borger Residents Janet and Carol Huffine Borger Residents Janet and Carol Huffine

BORGER, TX (KFDA) - An area police department is hoping a new facility will better help them assist the community.

Borger Police Department's previous building has been around since the 80's and with their growing force police say the new facility is greatly needed.

"When the original police department was built in 1983 our mission was different, I mean it's the same mission but how we went about our mission was different," Borger Police Chief Bruce Roberts said. "At that time we have two detectives, a chief, and everybody else was patrolmen. Because of crime trends and the way they are and technology, we have more detectives, more equipment, more technology, and the building we just out grew it."

Janet and Carol Huffine have lived in Borger since the 60's and after seeing so many changes with the police department they think the new facility is great.

"It's just going to change the image of the police department all together and they've got new policeman and they've been great," Carol Huffine said.

The new building was converted from an old Excel Energy building and will only house police operations, while other services like dispatch, the jail, and municipal court will remain in the old building which may get a renovation as well. 

The new facility is stocked with new technology and equipment, which police hope will help keep residents safer, especially after business hours.  

"If someone is in distress and they come here after hours the dispatcher that their speaking to will have the ability to unlock the secure door, let them in and the door will lock behind them, and then the officers will come and do what they need to do," Roberts said. "So, it's a safety net for the citizens, which they actually don't have right now." 

Knowing these changes are coming residents say they already feel safer.

"I feel safe for sure whenever they're around it's just nice to have someone that you can look at and say 'oh I know him,'" Janet Huffine said. "Borger's finest are always ready to help us and we just think they're great." 

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