Pampa Animal Shelter seeing lower kill rate, though still at capacity

Pampa Animal Shelter seeing lower kill rate, though still at capacity

PAMPA, TX (KFDA) - While an area animal shelter has come a long way, officials tell us they still have a long way to go.

Pampa's animal shelter was built just two years ago, and from the day they opened, it has been an ongoing battle of space. But they are indeed happy with where they stand.

Imagine going from a 95 percent kill rate, to a 15 percent kill rate as an animal shelter in just two years.

While it sounds almost impossible, the Pampa Animal Shelter did it. Though they are still at capacity.

"Right now, we are totally overwhelmed with animals and I think that's probably across the board," says PAWS President Faustina Curry. "People are moving and so many people won't take their animals. They just say I can't take them and I look at it so differently because my animals are part of our family, so that's a hard thing."

The group PAWS, who volunteers for the shelter has helped make great strides. They are involved with sending hundreds of animals at the Pampa shelter to a no-kill shelter in Colorado.

This has helped cut down on overcrowding tremendously.

"It is a wonderful feeling," says Curry. "Over at the old shelter, it was just...we would get them those dogs and I would usually leave because I couldn't stand it. They would be pulling them in to put them down because there was no room. And here, we can do a little doubling up, we never want to do that if we can get away with it, but since we take animals every couple
" of weeks, we usually have space."

But the process of taking animals to another state is not cheap. For that reason, another volunteer has begun organizing a special event that will hopefully bring in more funds.

"The Furever 5k fun run and dog jog is an event that celebrates the unique bond between pets and their owners and at the same time, it's raising awareness for animals in shelters that are still awaiting their forever homes and it's helping raise money for them," says Ashley Brauchi.

Both Curry and Brauchi tell us spaying a neutering education is another focus of this event.

"It's important because there's so many animals that don't have that structure in their forever homes and this is helping raise awareness for them and raising funds. We usually send animals to the no-kill shelters in Colorado and there's almost 100 percent adoption rates there."

You can find out more information on the event at

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