Reality show 'JAIL' begins filming in Amarillo

Reality show 'JAIL' begins filming in Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -  A production company began going behind bars to film in Amarillo today.

The Randall County jail is the latest facility to be featured on the show "JAIL."

And while some believe it may highlight some negativity in Amarillo, officials think it will actually do some good.

These halls in the Randall County Jail will be a little bit heavier in traffic in the coming weeks. Langley productions, the same company who films the show "COPS" also have a reality show called "JAIL."

And filming began today to highlight Amarillo's facility.

"They do it for a different mindset and a different look for the jail side of things," says Lieutenant Joe Morris. "What happens after the cops the jail show."

As far as preparation goes, Morris says nothing was done other than letting employees know cameras will be out and about. And the crew will not spend just a few hours. They will be on the clock full-time, just as the other employees.

"They'll spend good 8 hour shifts and stuff in here and of course they ask us the busier times of day for intake and stuff like that and of course it's in the evening hours is some of our busiest times up until the early morning hours, so they're probably going to concentrate during that time because of just the pace that's during that time of our intake," says Morris.

Some argue these shows portray Amarillo in a negative light. But Morris tells us this is a great opportunity to show the country how hard working men and women are here in our city.

"We're proud that the sheriff is proud of our facility, the sheriff is proud of our folks that work here and they do a professional job, so we invite the camera to come in and take a look. We're proud of our people and proud of the job that they do and there's little preparation except 'Hey, there's going to be a camera over there so don't wonder about it.'  It's  going to be here to sort of show off what we do."

Unfortunately the production crew is not allowed to speak on camera until filming has come to a close, but they are excited to be here in Amarillo during their trips across the U.S.

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