Improvements made at Lake Meredith, officials hope busy season follows

Improvements made at Lake Meredith, officials hope busy season follows

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Lake Meredith is thriving. And considering the conditions just three years ago, park officials hope some new improvements will keep it that way.

Lake Meredith currently sits at a little over 65 feet. Three years ago, it was at the lowest it had been in a while, a mere 26 feet.

But today, levels allowed for some new additions to make their way into the cool waters, and park officials are excited.

"Today we brought in probably about 6,000 black crappie, the larger size, so they'll be catchable by fall. And we're really excited about that," says park superintendent Robert Maguire. "A couple of weeks ago, the walleye were put in the lake, about 2.7 million and they anticipate somewhere between 250-300,000 will survive out of that, so that's pretty good stocking for the lake and it provides good opportunities in the future."

While stocking the lake is a huge part of bringing in people to experience Lake Meredith, they have a lot more going on, especially considering the
National Parks Service is celebrating its centennial this year.

"We have about 8 miles of new trail that are completed," Maguire said. "We're going to add about another 12 this year with south turkey creek. That's the one we're really excited to get completed this year and so that one will be completed I'm told by the end of this year, so we're really excited about that and that'll give the hikers and the mountain bikers really a good place to practice their mountain bike skills. Our visitation last year was up 20%, we had 830,000 we anticipate another 20% this year."

At one time, the park would provide fireworks for visitors around the July 4 holiday. They now believe the centennial is a perfect time to bring the show back.

But they are in dire need of funds to get the operation rolling.

"To get people to come back out to the lake and have this, I think it would be a big celebration for this area. It something we felt like we should try to get back since the water is up," says firework organizer Pete Loftis.

While officials effort the fireworks show, they are taking advantage of the scene they thought would never come again.

"I got here in 2013 and saw the record drought, and it was depressing actually it really was, but to see it come up, people were excited last year, people are really getting excited about the lake this year," Loftis said. "We encourage people to come out and enjoy their park because it really is a great opportunity."

Maguire says the lake's peak months are late may through early September, so if you want the chance to catch a couple of fish, you may want to start planning now.

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